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2013-02-09 19:58:40 by Lord1Mauler

Looks like I haven't been on newgrounds in....2 years? Wow. I need to get back into the fight!

Stickman to Character

2009-08-19 21:55:23 by Lord1Mauler

Check out my last flash for the summer of 09'!!!


2009-07-29 11:08:00 by Lord1Mauler

I read all of my responses, including the people I review for. Sometimes I write back to the responses given to me from the reviews of peoples work-usually only if the person wants me to respond in message. /post


The stick fight I am creating is almost finished! The animation needs some drawings and buttons, and after that, it'll be perfected. I am expecting heavy criticism because it's a stick fight... but many people will be amazed of the drawings I created to show the movement of the stick figures. I'm still undecided with music, so if you have any ideas, let me know. The time of the whole thing is 2:45, but I need parts to be faded so my audience can hear what the characters are saying.

What the animation is about? Hellhound-IX is a ninja stick figure, and I myself am a normal stick figure. There is not much fighting, but there is a lot of chasing. Evolution of my stick figure occurs in the second scene-actually there are no scenes... lol. I tried something ill-logical. I drew a gargantuan background which took up to 3 days~2 hours per day, and made it an object. Then I moved the background to my liking. It wasn't easy because it lagged big time. The backgrounds themselves were up to 15 mb. Once I finished moving my backgrounds around, I moved the stick figures with them while having the backgrounds locked.

Someone said from my first animation that the drawings needed work. I agree. These aren't a step forward, but they aren't a step backwards neither. I will probably release this within 1-3 weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

A stick fight animation is coming along well. I think it'll take another 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the weather and my schedule. It is looking sweet with all of the drawings I'm making. 15 fps is tough to work with, but there's much more you can do.


2009-05-29 12:44:41 by Lord1Mauler

At the Favorites part of my page, I will add the animations/audio's that I have voted for in the past. Hyper Boy Ep. 5 is one of the first 10/10's I ever gave. I will add the worst ones to my fav's as well to remind me how I rate people's work.

I am not saying I can do better, I am saying, "This is what I've seen, and I've seen better."
If you want to recommend to me a movie, game, or audio, go on ahead, I review daily.

Got an idea?

2009-05-26 11:01:10 by Lord1Mauler

Hey all. Gimme some ideas for a flash you want to see created. I will be sticking to sticks.